Primary Objective :-

To improve and positively impact the quality of education of 10 million underprivileged children across the country living in rural, tribal and urban areas (urban poor) through multiple education-related interventions.

Limited or absence of desks in class affects the health of children. Children spend a considerable part of their daily life in school. Children spend about 80% of their school time in the classroom performing various activities which require them to sit continuously for long hours. They are at special risk of suffering backache due to the prolonged periods spent seated during school and the formation of poor postural habits. Therefore, they feel discomfort/pain in different parts of the body. Due to this, students become inattentive, restless and fickle minded during their performances in the classroom. Sitting is the main posture of the students while attending the class and this puts an extremely undesirable physiological strain on the muscles, ligaments and on the discs.

The two critical initiatives under the project would include :

Collaborate and work in close partnership with different stakeholders to encourage inclusive dialogue, synergize strengths and work together at multiple levels for effective programmatic interventions. The key stakeholders under the project would be - NGOs, Corporate (CSR), Foundations, Charitable Trusts, State government and other donors.

Distribution of YELO Bags free of cost to the underprivileged children to encourage schooling of children and better learning outcomes following issues will be addressed through YELO bag:

  • Facilitating students with water resistant bag.
  • LED light to study in night.
  • Developing infrastructure by proving desk / stool.
  • Provision of classroom facilities like desks/ benches, etc.

YELO bag - is a low-cost school bag specially produced for underprivileged children. YELO is an intelligently designed school bag that converts into a desk and sitting stool. The bags help children carry their belonging, irrespective of the weather conditions. YELO made up of corrugated sheet is durable and has strength to carry belongings worth more than 10 kgs. YELO with a single fold technique smartly transforms into a school desk. The desk offers a flat platform for students to write and read, thus ensuring they maintain an ergonomic posture while studying. Once kids finish the writing part, they can use this as a sitting stool as well. The bags are designed according to the age group of the children.

Moreover, YELO bags come with a detached solar powered LED white light source which gives a light source for children to study during the evenings or night. This lamp can also be used by the entire family to carry out daily household chores. Remote areas face extensive power cuts and make it difficult for children to study or do their homework. These solar lamps can deliver light for more than 4-8 hours, thus aiding students and rural households to carry out their evening chores. The rechargeable battery in the solar kit can be charged through solar energy or even through AC charging.


Better educational outcomes by quality teaching and learning environment
  • Increased enrollment in schools; less number of drop-outs or absenteeism
  • Improvement in PTR
  • Higher motivation levels for teachers and children. Change in knowledge and attitudes of teachers and children’s increased interest in studies and high attendance in school
  • Better learning outcomes (class-appropriate learning levels)
  • Improvement in condition of books and other materials